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  • Tomislav Sunjka
  • Serbia
  • SunjkaLaw, Novi Sad
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  • Mr. Tomislav Sunjka established Law office of Ċ unjkaLaw in 2000 as a self-governing legal entity. Regarding the specific position of Serbia, being on the crossroad of the East and the West and influenced by many phenomena from both sides, Mr.Tomislav Sunjka has developed a specific range of legal services.

    Having experienced that problems may derive from all sorts of business relationships, he also gained vast experience in the following areas: corporate law and M&A, international and domestic commercial and trade law, energy law, carriage transport insurance and insurance law, contract law, foreign commercial law, forwarding law, banking law, financial and securities law, privatization law, foreign investments law, concession law, the law of international donations, arbitration, labor law and media law.

    Because of this background, Mr. Tomislav Sunjka understands very well the nature of the transactions, bank transfers, financial arrangements, and he uses that knowledge as tools and instruments in practice of asset tracking and asset recovery.

    Mr. Tomislav Sunjka represents victims white collar crime: frauds committed by business and government professionals, bankruptcy and bankruptcy fraud, bribery, insider trading, embezzlement, computer crime, public corruption, copyright infringement, money laundering, identity theft, corrupt organizations crimes, consumer fraud, securities fraud, financial fraud, forgery etc.

    He practices nationally, nationally with cross border elements and internationally.

    He is a member of several legal organizations and winner of several legal awards. He has published professional articles in legal journals. He is a member of Vojvodina and Serbia Bar and International Bar Association.


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Sremska 4/I
1st Floor
21000 Novi Sad, Serbia


+38163542528, +381214721788

English, Russian

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