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  • Kees van de Meent
  • Netherlands
  • Florent, Partner | Advocaat | Lawyer
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  • Kees van de Meent is managing partner at Florent in Amsterdam.

    Kees van de Meent heads the firm's asset recovery and commercial fraud group which represents victims of serious fraud, corruption and other economic crimes around the world. Having been a court-appointed trustee for more than 25 years he also advises on national and international insolvency matters and creditor rights. Van de Meent acts as court appointed trustee in international fraud-related bankruptcies.

    Florent's asset recovery and commercial fraud group is specialised in cases of cross-border asset recovery, fraud litigation (prosecuting civil claims for fraud), conducting financial fraud investigations in cooperation with forensic accountants and IT forensics, representing court-appointed trustees in fraud-related bankruptcies in order to recover stolen assets for the estate, representing (groups of) victims of boiler room frauds and anti-bribery cases. The team navigates complex legal issues such as private international law issues (regarding competent court, applicable law, recognition and enforcement) and multiple freeze actions, and works in close cooperation with colleagues in other jurisdictions to close the net on the fraudster.

    Kees van de Meent is the Dutch representative of ICC's FraudNet, the global network operating under the aegis of the International Chamber of Commerce. He is also a member of Insol International, Insol Europe and Insolad.

    Kees van de Meent is frequently invited to lecture within the Netherlands and abroad on the topic of combatting commercial fraud and asset recovery and is a co-author of Asset Tracing & Recovery: The FraudNet World Compendium.


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NoMA House, Gustav Mahlerlaan 1236
1081 LA Amsterdam


+31 20 303 59 68 (Direct), +31 6 43 36 63 12 (Mobile)

English, Dutch, German, French

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