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  • Bruce Horowitz
  • Ecuador
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  • Bruce Horowitz is a founding partner of PAZ HOROWITZ, former Managing Partner of the Firm and its former IP Section Director. He now concentrates on Anti-corruption, Anti-extortion and Compliance. PAZ HOROWITZ is a full-service firm for international and national corporate clients, providing internationally recognized services in Anti-corruption, Anti-Money-Laundering, Compliance, Corporate, M&A, Intellectual Property, Dispute Resolution, Employment Law, Public Contracts, Natural Resources, and Taxation. From the Firm’s first day in 1991, Bruce has provided FCPA and Anti-corruption advice to International and National clients

    Since 1990, Bruce has been helping client companies and individuals to understand the bribery, extortion and coercion situations that they are likely to face, and to navigate those situations successfully, ethically and safely. He, also, teaches and trains individuals from all sectors of society on these issues.

    Bruce is the President of the International Chamber of Commerce’s Ecuador Commission on Integrity and Anti-corruption; an Invited Instructor at the International Anti-corruption Academy in Laxenburg, Austria, Arbitration Judge for the American and Quito Chambers of Commerce Arbitration Centers; Co-founder and President of the Center for the Study of Bribery, Extortion and Coercion Situations (CESSEC); The American Bar Association’s (ABA) Representative to Ecuador; Founder of the ABA Quito Chapter; and former Chair of the ABA Anti-corruption Committee. Bruce is the TRACE International Law Firms’ Partner for Ecuador; and is the only professional in Ecuador recommended for Anti-Corruption and Compliance work by the Latin American Corporate Counsel Association (LACCA).


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Site Center, Torre 1, 3er Piso,
Calle del Establo s/n y Calle E, Cumbaya,
Quito 170157, Ecuador


+593-9-9839-3248, +593-2-398-2900 ext. 5207

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