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Finn Madsen, Vinge, Malmö

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Ekobrottsmyndigheten: The Swedish Economic Crime Authority is a prosecuting authority where prosecutors, police officers, economic auditors and other experts work together in investigation teams. They lead and coordinate the fight against economic crime in Sweden. Folder:

Institutet mot mutor [the Anti-Bribe Institute] (IMM)
IMM is a non-profit business organization that was established 1923. The scope of IMM is to promote good practice for decisions in the commercial life and society in general and to work against the use of bribes and other improper benefits, including current legislation and case law concerning bribery and corruption.

Brottsförebyggande rådet: The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet - Brå) functions as the Swedish Government’s body of expertise within the judicial system. The judicial system comprises agencies such as the police, the prosecution service, the courts and the prison and probation service. One important point of departure for Swedish crime policy is to work to prevent crimes taking place. Regarding economic crime:

Riksenheten mot korruption (National Anti-Corruption Unit): The Office of the Prosecutor General has a unit known as Riksenheten mot korruption [the National Anti-Corruption Unit]. The unit handles cases of bribery and corruption and crimes connected with bribery and corruption. English:

Sida: Sida’s assignment from the Swedish government includes combating, and minimizing the risk of corruption. The assignment means that Sida is to ensure that Swedish development funds are not misused and that the overall target of Sida’s operations is not jeopardized as a result of corruption. The poorest suffer from corruption the most. For example, their daily situation is made worse when public services cost extra in the form of bribes.

The government of Sweden:

Swedish statutes in translation: The laws and ordinances listed in this section consist largely of material translated by ministries and government agencies in Sweden.

Transparency International Sverige (TIS): Transparency International Sverige (TIS) is an independent non-profit organization which, along with other national divisions across the world constitutes the global network of Transparency International.

Helpful Addresses:

Helpful information could be obtained from the following websites:

The Swedish Enforcement Authority;

The Swedish National Courts Administration;

The Swedish Police Authority;

The Swedish Companies Registration Office;\

The Swedish Economic Crime Authority;

The Swedish Tax Agency;

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